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TEKUL Ethiopian Food
3352 College Rd.

Fairbanks AK 99709
907-455-6149 + 206-459-0950
Hours: 11:00-am to 10:00 pm
Reservations: Not necessary
Dress code: Casual
Cuisine: Ethiopian
Cost: $2-$5 appetizers;
$8-10 entrees

Ethiopians & Rastafari
Aster Sellassie, Millennium Ed.

eFood daily tips:


Located in the university district in Fairbanks,
Tekul is a dining experience like no other in Alaska!  Housed in a yurt structure made from local Alaska birch and based on an original architectural design, Tekul is a summer operation looking to expand it's services year round. Take a look at the yurt construction phase.

This walk-up, take out establishment serves an array of dishes, ranging from spicy meat and chicken plates as well as tasty vegetarian recipes.  And a unforgettable staple of Ethiopian cuisine- Injera! Check out the menu here

Established in 2007 by two friends who not only wanted to share this one of a kind cuisine with the public but demonstrate culinary traditions from another corner of the world.  Ingredients, such as berbere pepper and teff flour, are shipped from the 'lower 48' ( continental U.S.) to add that unmistakable taste and quality of Ethiopian food. Come by on Sunday and see how Ethiopian coffee is traditionally prepared and served (see promotional flyer). Appetizers and entrees can be ordered to your desired level of spice and you can purchase injera to take home and try out Ethiopian recipes on your own!

Coming soon: Ethiopian Food Resource Book [an information source for Ethiopian food traditions and sample recipes]

~The Menu~

Main Dishes/Specials

Wot (stew) of the day $7.95
Beef, poutry or Vegetable stew prepared in superbly blended spices to tantalize and satisfy your appetite

Mittin Shuro Wot $6.95
Ethiopian style ground split peas simmered in a spicy berbere sauce

Combination/choose your own dish $10.95
A choice of one of the Main dishes, an order of kategna, injera and awaze


Injera  $2.00
Ethiopian flatbread(wheat, water, yeast) accompanyes every main dish

  Small $2.95//Large $4.95
Injera with awaze �

Ayib   $1.50
(Spiced cottage cheese)

Awaze $.50
Berbere (red pepper) with oil

Sambossa * $2.00
Beef or vegetarian savory pies


Ye-Miser Salata * $6.95
Warm lentil salad laced with onions, green peppers and herbs

Teemeteem Fitfit * $6.95
Chopped tomatoes blended in spices and injera

Azifa * $6.95
Green lentils blended with spices


*available alternatively
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